Home Baker Profile: Jaclyn Jo

We want to take the time to shine a spotlight on the people who make PastryNow possible, our talented team of home bakers. Each and every member deserves their own post for their amazing talent and dedication to the brand, and this week we are launching our new monthly blog to take a look at one of our hardest working bakers, Jaclyn Jo.

Jaclyn found her passion for baking when she was 14 years old through a number of cooking electives in school. She would go on to participate in a two-year culinary arts program at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center while in high school. After obtaining her certificates for completing the course, she would further develop her talents by attending college at the International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute, or the ICASI. Though the curriculum was difficult, Jacyln graduated with certificates in the culinary arts and a two-year pastry arts diploma.

After Culinary school, Jaclyn sold her own pastries on the side while she worked in well known bakeries such as Kathy’s Kolachkies and Becker’s donuts and Bakery(Located in Fairview). She has since worked in five different bakeries after which she finally decided to take the jump to be an entrepreneur and start her own business from home. PastryNow provides a platform to bakers like Jaclyn who took the risk to believe in their craft enough to start their own business.We're excited to have Jaclyn on our team and hope to showcase our other bakers over the coming few months.


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