Daisy Cakes

We want to give a special shoutout to one of the newest members to the PastryNow family, Amy Mucha. Amy is the founder of the cake pop bakery, Daisy Cakes, and is responsible for the multitude of delicious cake pops that have graced the PastryNow menus recently.

Amy first discovered her love for cake pops in 2011 when her mother-in-law bought her a copy of Angie Dudley’s cook book “Cake Pops”. The book turned out to be the perfect gift for Amy as it contained a special recipe for koala-themed cake pops, which happen to Amy’s favorite animal. The koala cake pops served as a starting point for Amy’s bite-sized baking as she quickly became enamored with practicing the recipes and serving them to her friends and family.

After the birth of her three children, Amy put her cake pop baking hobby on the back burner but returned to her craft in 2016 following her epic Pinterest fail at making Thanksgiving-themed treats for her math students. In an attempt to redeem herself, Amy baked a batch of turkey designed cake pops that were so well received that many friends suggested starting a bakery revolving around her delicious cake pops. On that day, the idea for Daisy Cakes was born.

Daisy Cakes now stands at the forefront of cake pop bakeries and delivers on their mission to provide deliciousness and delight to all their customers. With over 20 cake pop flavors stocked at all times and an unquenchable desire to discover new flavors, Daisy Cakes is sure to brighten your day.


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