What we do

We are the bakery of the future. PastryNow delivers delicious,

fresh, and home-made baked goods to sweet-tooths like yourself.

How we do it

We have a network of certified bakers & bakeries as well as

trusted delivery drivers that bring your order to you as soon as possible.

Why we do it

We want to help our communities. We work with our home bakers to

help them make a living. We work with our delivery drivers to help

supplement their income. We work with our community to change the

world, one pastry at a time. 

Our Story

PastryNow was a lot of things before it became PastryNow, but the company officially registered in March of 2018. Born out of a study abroad trip, PastryNow was started by two founders: Fraternity brothers Aaron George and Igor Tutelman. Aaron and Igor wanted more late-night food options, ones that wouldn't require waiting an hour on delivery platforms, and ones that they could feel good about eating. Thus, PastryNow was born. Since then, the company has launched on two campuses: Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University; PastryNow continues to grow to multiple campuses and expands its products, services, and convenience to make sure that we continue to make a delicious impact on those around us.

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PastryNow, Limited

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The Bakery of The Future.

Offering late-night on-demand delivery of your favorite pastries and baked goods. Providing catering for your next event. Delicious pastries, fast delivery, open late. PastryNow.

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