A startup dedicated to helping small and family-owned businesses compete in the modern economy.

We are activating the power of economies of scale for small businesses through collective bargaining while handling a variety of their logistics and supply chain needs.

What problems are we solving?


Small businesses competing against large corporate chains

Poor pricing on frequently ordered ingredients

Access to a limited variety of suppliers

Similar solutions are region-locked 

Many regions do not have any solutions  

How are we solving them?

Creating a network to aggregate consistent ingredient reorders to attain better pricing.

Providing small businesses with a dedicated supply chain management team only found in larger businesses

Magnified access to a wider variety of local suppliers through in-house delivery network

Start in regions without existing solutions



 Major savings to end user through bulk ordering
Estimated savings potential is massive even with just a 10 bakery network

Example: Flour
Individual Bakery => 70 cents per pound 
Collective ordering => 45 cents per pound
PastryNow takes 50% of cost savings

Time Savings
Average of 10 hours per month per bakery

Affordable ingredient delivery access
All deliveries: Flat $50 fee per month per bakery

Our mission is to pass on savings to local bakeries, pizzerias and coffee shops by aggregating ingredient reorders through a purchasing cooperative while also providing affordable and convenient logistics and software solutions in the process.












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